Poker welcome bonuses

Most poker sites and poker sections at online casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players. Normally, anyone who starts playing poker at a specific site is considered a new player, even if they are already playing in the casino or sports book section of the site.

It can be tempting to join a poker room simply due to the large bonus you see advertised, but this is rarely a good idea. The bonuses are meant to attract new members and there is nothing wrong in joining a poker room for the bonus, but before you do you should make sure that the poker room meets all other requirements you have for a poker room and that you will be able to meet the wager requirements of the bonus in time, because if you don't it will expire and you will never get the money.

Most welcome bonuses are designed to be a certain percentage on your first deposit or your deposits during the first month. There is usually a maximum bonus amount stated that prevents the casino for having to pay enormous bonuses to big first time depositors. The bonus is usually associated with certain requirements, e.g. you must earn a certain amount if club or VIP points before the bonus money can be are released. Some bonuses are handed out in parts as you earn them, while others require you to earn the entire bonus before you get as much as a nickel. The type that pays in parts is better, since you will get at least a part of the bonus even if you do not meet the requirement to get all of it. To judge how generous a poker bonus is, look at how much you have to play to earn 1 point, and how many points that are required to release the bonus.

For the best poker experience you shouldn't let the poker bonus decide where to join, and you should register to earn a bonus only if the poker room meets your other requirements.