Playing poker online

Poker is one of the most popular games on the internet and internet poker is today a lot bigger than regular poker ever was. Millions upon millions of dollars change hands at the virtual poker tables each day, and there are a lot of people making their living playing poker online. Also, millions of people world wide play poker online for fun. Their are plenty of poker rooms that offer poker online. Some of them are pure poker rooms while others are a part of larger gambling sites with casino, sports betting, etc. The biggest and best poker rooms out there tend to be pure poker rooms, but there are plenty of large gambling sites that have good poker sections as well.

If you are already a member of an online casino and just want to try online poker, then the poker section of the casino site you are playing at now is likely an adequate alternative. It might not be the best poker room out there in terms of traffic and game selection, but enough for you to see if you like online poker and if you do you can start looking for a better poker room and perhaps even join one of the pure poker rooms.

Most poker rooms and poker sections offer a welcome bonus, and you are usually entitled to this bonus even if you are already a member of the site's casino, sports betting section or similar. The bonus is usually activated when you transfer money from your general account at the gambling site to the poker section, and the percentage is usually based on this initial transfer between your accounts.

Poker online can be a wonderful pass time as it makes it possible to play poker anywhere at any time. If you have some time over at lunch or before a meeting, you can play a little poker to relax and bring some excitement to your day. Most poker rooms use a downloadable client which means that it can only be played on computers where the software as been installed, but there are poker rooms that use flash software that allow you to play directly in the browser. There are also poker rooms that have smart phone clients if you want to play poker directly in your cell phone telephone.

Large poker rooms online tend to offer a wide variety of different types of poker and have plenty of traffic around the clock, while the smaller poker rooms often only have action at their Texas Hold'em and Omaha tables outside peak traffic hours. The other poker types only occasionally attract enough players to get a good game going. In the bigger poker rooms like PokerStars you can find action 24/7, whatever your poker game of choices is and this is a big reason to join one of these if you want to be able to play something else than Texas Hold'em and Omaha at “normal” bet levels.

When you first start playing poker online, it is important to remember that there are a number of differences between online and offline poker and that you therefore might require a transition period before you feel at home at the virtual tables. Some of the differences are how tells work, the speed of the game, the psychology of being anonymous, and the ability to multitable, i.e play at several tables at once.

Good luck at the virtual tables!