Finding a good casino for video poker

video poker is available at most not to say all online casinos but the selection of games available vary greatly between the different casinos online. If you enjoy playing video poker, then your first choice for a casino is likely one powered by software from Microgaming. Microgaming offers a lot more video poker games than the other software providers. They offer more variants of the game than their competitors, and they also offer level up and power poker versions of many of their video poker games.

Level up poker allows you to win more when you get several winning hands in a row. Power poker allow you to play up to 100 hands at the same time in the same window. In power poker you have one deciding hand and the action you take on that hand is mimicked on all the other hands, so if you decide to discard card 1 and 3 than card 1 and 3 will be discarded in all hands and replaced with new cards from the deck belonging to each individual hand. This means that you do not just ave to care about the cards in your main hand but take all the other hands into account as well to try to get the best overall return. Both power poker and level up poker can add some extra excitement to the game for those who so require.

If your prefer to play a certain type of video poker such as Jacks or Better and want to play other casino games in addition to video poker you can consider other software providers as well to find the one that offers your video poker type as well as the other games you want.

video poker seldom count towards the wager requirement of the welcome bonus, and when it does it usually counts only as a very small percentage of the actual bet. It can therefore often be good not to accept any bonus if you just want to play video poker to avoid getting your money locked in the casino for a long time. If the casino only locks the bonus amount - not winnings or original deposits - than you may want to consider accepting the bonus.

Things to think about when choosing a good casino to play video poker in