Finding a good casino for blackjack

You will find black jack in almost all internet casinos, although some casinos features more variations of the game than others. That fact that virtually all casinos offer a selection of black jack games does not mean that all casinos are suitable for black jack lovers. This is mainly due to the fact that far from all casinos knows to appreciate their black jack players. Many casinos prefer players that plays games like slot and roulette where the casinos edge is bigger and the casinos earn more money. Likewise, many casinos do not count any bets placed on black jack towards the wager requirement for the bonus, or count it only to a very small percentage (10% is common).

As a black jack player you want to find a casino that appreciate black jack players. You do this by looking for a casino that offers promotions geared towards black jack, that features black jack tournaments and that allows black jack bets to count towards the wager requirement to a higher percentage than average. Unfortunately you will most likely not be able to find a casino that counts black jack wagers 100% towards the wager requirement, but you can find casinos that offer better percentages than the average casino and there are a number of casinos out there specifically targeting black jack players.

Another good option for black jack players can be to choose a casino that offers non-cashable bonuses that are not associated with any wager requirement and where you can withdraw any profits right away.

In some casinos it can be better to not accept the bonus if you are only going to play black jack.

The bonus should never be the main reason to choose a casino. There are a number of more important factors to consider when choosing a casino, such as those listed below.

Things to think about when choosing a good casino for blackjack